Volunteer Opportunities

Now is the time for us to stand up for transgender equality. By contributing to Transortium you are helping to uncover and overcome the blockages to equal treatment and bridging the gaps between the mainstream culture and the transgender community. If you are interested in contributing your time and talents, please email info@transortium.org.


Transortium is a grassroots movement with a global scope. It will take many hearts and hands to achieve this vision. Here are ways in which you can add your energy to increase our momentum.

Research Transgender Resources and Organizations

There are numerous resources available to transgender people from localized support groups to surgeons to welcoming congregations. Part of Transortium’s mission is to become a hub for such resources.

  • Support Groups
  • Welcoming Congregations
  • Transition Resources and Surgeons
  • Transgender Affirming Therapists and Medical Services
  • Voice Coaches, Image Consultants
  • Employment Services

Support Group Facilitators

Are you interested in starting a support group in your area? We can help you get started including facilitator training.

Writers and Bloggers

Not only is there a colorful history of transgender rights movement but there is a robust supply of transgender role models and heroes. In addition, the cultural and political landscape regarding trans issues is constantly changing.

We are looking for experienced bloggers/writers/YouTubers to contribute original articles about:

  • Lawsuits and Political Events (Must be journalistic/politically neutral.)
  • Business Initiatives and Positive Milestones
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Transgender Biographies (Historical figures and role models.)
  • Transition Stories from the Transortium Community (Interviewing and writing.)
  • Et cetera… What are you interested in writing about?

Nonprofit Development Expert

Have you worked at a social justice start-up before? Do you know how to apply for and win grants? Do you know how best to find and engage donors? Do you know what makes an attractive prospectus? If so, we need you!

Email info@transortium.org to find out how your talents can align with the Transortium Movement.