What are we working on?

Transortium's one year goals

Expand Affinity Groups

Phase 2 of the Affinity Circles Project is set to launch as soon as we reach our goal of $5,000. Transortium plans to host online video support groups and discussion groups in a secure environment, where people can connect with others who share their challenges and experiences.

Trans Resource Guide

If we surpass our goal of $5,000, we will spin up our next project—our comprehensive Trans Resource Guide, to help trans folx navigate local businesses and providers. This will be a peer-reviewed, detailed search site to help trans people find resources of every kind in their local area.

Economic Empowerment

Trans people face tremendous economic disadvantages. Our long-term goal is to create a network of empowerment and connection that will enable trans people to succeed and thrive economically.

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Transortium Stories

Why Is Transortium So Necessary?
A genderqueer person comforting a transgender woman on a therapist's couch


Transortium Member from Marietta, Georgia

Anaissa has a secret profile on Facebook which is the only community she has in which she can be herself. She has started to tell her friends and family of her decision to transition and has been met with shock and disapproval. She would prefer to be accepted by her faith community but has become painfully aware that this is not going to work out. Rejection from her communities has caused her to consider suicide as she can no longer tolerate pretending to be a man. She’s not sure where to turn. Facebook makes her feel both less alone and lonelier than ever.

Kendra Brill

Kendra Brill

Transortium Advocate and Support Group Facilitator

"I passionately believe across America, the time has come to create a movement. A movement that advocates for equality of rights and respect for diversity at a local and national level. A movement which has the compassion and network to support our community on a personal level where it is so often needed.”



Transortium Member

“For the transgender community, everyday tasks can bring seemingly insurmountable challenges to overcome as we transition to our authentic selves. Sometimes, these challenges will threaten to overwhelm us, and at these times, we’ll feel the need to reach out to friends, peers and charities for support. It’s for this reason that I joined Transortium as a consultant and advocate. To share the experience and trust in their inner strength."