Transortium Angels

Transortium is a grassroots movement driven by our community’s needs and direct feedback from transgender individuals. We hold a debt of gratitude to those who believed in Transortium from the very beginning and donated seed money, time, passion, and energy to launch our movement!

Please consider making a donation and becoming a Transortium Angel Investor now. When you make a financial contribution you are not only supporting our programs such as the Transortium Affinity Circles project, but you are declaring your personal commitment to take a stand for transgender equality!

Every success Transortium achieves in its mission of ensuring equal rights for all transgender people is built on a foundation created by people and organizations such as the following.

Thank you!


John C. Flanagan, LCSW  – Port Townsend, Washington

Heather's Dad with the Trans Flag

John Flanagan is not only the father of Transortium’s CEO, he is the biggest Transortium Angel Investor in this movement. John is a licensed clinical social worker who most recently practiced in Portland, Oregon where he helped survivors of childhood trauma. Not only did he provide counseling for transgender, gay, and lesbian clients, he also joined Heather in many LGBTQ events and celebrations in Portland.

YNotbU – Bristol, England

YNOTBU banner

Established in 2014, YNotbU is a UK organization based in Bristol, England, specializing in Transgender Support and Advice.

Here at YNotbU we’re honoured to be the Founding UK Angel of the Transortium Movement. It’s a privilege to be able to share in their vision of equality for our community which is so closely aligned to our own values and beliefs.

We pledge to actively support Transortium’s initiatives to advocate for the rights of those who struggle to express themselves in their chosen gender.  This commitment extends our efforts to build respect, dignity, equality and self-esteem for all Gender Variant people.  We passionately believe Gender Variant people have the right to self-identify outside of the traditional “gender binary” and respect their right for privacy in doing so without biases or prejudices based on differences of any kind.

Kasey Jane

Kasey Jane

Kasey Jane is a fully transitioned public school teacher and follows Transortium on our Facebook page. She was one of our first donors. Her contribution helped pay our fees to file our application with the IRS for 501 C 3 status.

I believe in investing and supporting the transgender community. Being an Angel Investor is a logical step in helping the transgender community and I hope to be an example of an authentic person for all to see. 

Thank you Kasey!

Dasia Anderl

Dasia Anderl

Dasia Anderl not only made a financial contribution to Transortium but also inspired the Everyday Angels campaign on Facebook.

Transortium has been a tireless supporter of my life. I mentioned once to Heather, its founder, about honoring the regular transgender people in the community that do so much to help other transgender people around them yet are still not honored at a local Transgender Awards Ceremony in my area. She responded to me with the “Transortium Everyday Angels Award” which is an online image of an award I can give to ANYBODY for their efforts in helping their community. I gave that award to 45 people I know or know of that made a difference in 2017. I think it’s important to honor those who would take time, money or any thought at all of others and give that back to their community. We’re all in this together!

Thank you Dasia!

Are you a Transortium Angel in the making? Please donate as able. Even a small spark can start a fire!

Much Gratitude,

Heather Flanagan