About Us

Our vision is a global culture in which transgender people are understood, welcomed, and honored for their contributions. One significant aspect to being transgender is that living an authentic life is not optional. Gender identity is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. A good question to ask someone who has not experienced being transgender might be, “How would you feel if your body changed into the opposite gender?” I think most cis gendered people (people whose physical body at birth reflects their experienced gender identity) would find it incredibly unbearable to find themselves in the “wrong body.”  So it is with transgender people. Transgender people put themselves at incredible risk of violence and rejection by choosing to simply live an authentic life. There is wisdom to be learned from transgender people about living in authenticity despite the challenges and hurt that may come.

Transortium is a movement that goes beyond simply standing for equal rights. We recognize transgender people as a sacred spirits demonstrating what human beings are capable of!

Our mission is to uncover and overcome blockages to transgender equality from the inside out. This means that we address incongruities inside ourselves ever striving to deepen our sense of self-worth and dignity. We also look at the Zeitgeist of the culture towards greater acceptance of transgender people in the workplace, for instance, and aim to amplify these forward strides through education and activities.

Transortium is a global grassroots effort by transgender people and allies for transgender people and society. Together, we are committed to forging new pathways to understanding and celebrating the beauty and wisdom that transgender people bring to society!