Welcome to Transortium!

Transortium is a hub for bridging the gap between the trans community and the greater commons.We provide resources and information to help transgender people along their journeys. We also help the people who live with, work with, and love transgender people to gain a better understanding of and appreciation for their struggles and strengths. We humbly ask that those with power and privilege also stand with us and add their voices and resources to the cause of transgender equality now! You will quite literally save lives.

The social injustice faced by transgender people is extreme. They/we continue to face violence, unemployment, rejection by family and friends, and homelessness. It’s no wonder that approximately 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide. This injustice cannot stand. The broader culture must stand with our transgender neighbors to ensure equality and dignity.

Supporters of Transortium see the urgent need to put a stop to this injustice. We are joining together with our ever increasing trans allies, our Army of Light, to create fair opportunities for all. We are so close to reaching the tipping point of transgender integration but it’s not happening fast enough.

Together we can uncover and overcome the blockages to transgender equality!