Kendra Brill

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Training Director/Image Consultant

Kendra Brill

Kendra Brill is a certified facilitator trainer for transgender support groups. She brings her knowledge and experience as a lifelong transgender advocate and business woman to oversee Transortium coaching groups internationally.

As a business owner in the cosmetics industry, she is in a unique position to empower transgender women to embrace their beauty and accentuate their gifts in Transortium’s #HireTrans programs.

“For the transgender community, everyday tasks can bring seemingly insurmountable challenges to overcome as we transition to our authentic selves. Sometimes, these challenges will threaten to overwhelm us, and at these times, we’ll feel the need to reach out to friends, peers and charities for support. It’s for this reason that I joined Transortium as a consultant and advocate. To share the experience and trust in their inner strength.

I passionately believe across America, the time has come to create a movement. A movement that advocates for equality of rights and respect for diversity at a local and national level. A movement which has the compassion and network to support our community on a personal level where it is so often needed.

It’s for this reason that you should consider joining, too.

As a transgender community, we’re already knocking on and breaking glass ceilings. We are the police, the doctors and nurses, the soldiers and politicians that society turns to in times of needs.

Our time is coming! Join us on our path.

Love and light,

Kendra Brill

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